Healthier animals For a major positive impact on global public health.

VitamFero S.A. is a French biotech company specialized in immunotherapy for animal health. its goal is to create, develop and sell new biologics to prevent infectious diseases among livestock and to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Our patented technologies, such as Toxo KO and Neo KO, are based on non virulent live vectors expressing genes coding for selected relevant proteins for vaccine development.


With 5 products in clinical development, VitamFero is working for the global improvement of public health through the reduction of viral pandemics and by fighting against the growing resistance to antibiotics. Two new vaccines, one against toxoplasmosis in sheep, and the other against bovine neosporosis, have just rounded out its pipeline. With 2 products expected to hit the veterinary market in 2020 and 3 others that will become available in 2022, the company is targeting a global market worth 4 billion dollars. Through its participation in the veterinary segment of the “One Health” approach, which integrates animal, human, and environmental health, VitamFero affirms its commitment to public health.

With its headquarters in Angers, France, and its R&D laboratories in Angers and Tours, VitamFero is emerging as an important actor in veterinary health.

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Our Executive Board is made up of a highly qualified team with extensive experience in biopharmaceutical research and development.

Jean-Loup Romet-Lemonne

M.D. President and Chairman of the Board

Founder and former CEO of IDM-Pharma (NASDAQ as IDMI) a company specialized in cancer immunotherapy and now part of Takeda Oncology. He did his post d [...]

Pascal Breton

Co-founder, General Manager

VP Business Development. Founder and head of Virsol, a biomaterials division of Halisol (Paris, France) which created BondEase® (Optmed, New Y [...]

Didier Roy

VP Operations and Finance

Since 1988, Didier has spent his entire career in the health industry, successively Project Manager (UPSA Laboratories), Head of Development and Execu [...]

Sophie Barreteau

Project Management Director, QA and Regulatory Affairs Director

Sophie began her career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1998 as Preclinical and Clinical Research Manager for Intervet International. In 2007, she b [...]

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